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How much to pay for a wedding DJ

It’s a well documented fact that when the word wedding is used, the price goes up. I have friends and family who ask if I add on £££ when a potential client mentions the W word.

The truth is, many DJs will add on an extra few hundred pounds and give you exactly the same service you would have expected to receive from a 16th Birthday party DJ. Is that what you want? I would hope not, which is why you’re reading my post.

Professional Wedding DJs vs Average DJs

How do you spot the professionals amongst the hordes of chancers? It’s quite simple, imagine one of these cheap DJs who has just quoted an extra £200 because the client mentioned that it was a wedding DJ they wanted. What do they do? First of all, they don’t know because they haven’t got the experience, they also cannot provide the client with photographs of their system because A) Their system looks like something from the 60’s and B) They don’t have any because their system isn’t worth taking photographs of!

Wedding DJ Wales
What our starlit backdrop and professional lighting system looks like.

What a cheap DJ will do for you

A cheap DJ, would turn up – probably late because they’re unfamiliar with the venue and it took longer than they anticipated to get there. They also don’t know what the groom looks like because the cheap DJ hasn’t met them before, so that gets your evening off to a nice awkward start. They haven’t gathered the musical requirements for the guests so you don’t get the music you and your guests want and the entire night is below average. A poorly planned and executed wedding!

FeatureCheap DJAverage DJProfessional Wedding DJ
Price range£100 - £200£200 - £400£400+
Legally trading, pays taxes etc.NoProbably notYes
Public Liability InsuranceNoMaybeYes
PAT certified equipmentNoMaybeYes
Client consultation meetingsNoNoYes
Photographs of workNoMaybeYes
High quality system and appearanceNoNoYes
Contract providedNoNoYes
Customer feedback recordNoNo / Maybe one or two from the last 20 gigs.Yes
Responds to your emails and calls quicklyNoNoYes
Will pass your booking to another DJ if offered more money to work elsewhereYesYesNo
Can provide all of the services you require such as dance floors, backdrops, uplighting, microphones etc.NoNoYes
Table highlighting the differences between a cheap DJ, a fake wedding DJ and a professional wedding DJ.
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With a professional Wedding DJ, you’re paying for a better service. Not just on the day, but during your booking process and on the run up to your big day. A professional wedding DJ will leave you feeling stress free and confident that they can deliver the service you require. It’s always best to book your wedding DJ in Wales as early as possible so visit our Contact Us page if you’d like a quotation.