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What’s your wedding DJ worth?

Value Comparisson

If you had to choose between one or the other of the following services/items for your wedding day, which would you choose over the other?

Chaircovers or A Wedding DJ
Wedding Cake or A Wedding DJ
One round of drinks for your daytime guests or A Wedding DJ
An evening buffet or A Wedding DJ
An expensive car to ride to the ceremony in or A Wedding DJ
A starter for your wedding breakfast or A Wedding DJ

The chances are 99% of people know that they require a Wedding DJ over any of the other items mentioned, yet many people expect a wedding DJ to cost LESS than the services they value less – it doesn’t make sense does it?

How Much???

I’ve spoken to many clients who are surprised at the cost of a good DJ for their wedding day.
One couple who have recently booked me for their wedding day said that they thought DJ’s were cheap – but after speaking to their friends who’d already tied the knot they realised that if you want good entertainment, you have to pay for it. You really do get what you pay for, it’s not a case of tarring all DJ’s with the same brush – you know those DJ’s who don’t show up? What about the ones that cancel a week before the big day? The ones with messy set ups and equipment from the 60’s? The DJ’s who get drunk and swear on the mic? The ones who dress in shorts and t-shirt? The ones who turn up late? The ones who don’t have your first dance track despite saying they do? Those DJ’s charge less than quality DJ’s for the simple reason that they know they only get work because they charge less.

I know this message will often be ignored, for some reason people think that it won’t happen to them. I won’t say that it definately would happen to everyone who picks a cheap DJ for their wedding, but I also know it’s not worth taking a risk on a once in a lifetime occassion. We specialise in what we do – providing outstanding wedding entertainment for couples and their guests. Clients who are looking for a guaranteed great night love to visit our reviews section – where page after page of 5 star ratings give them peace of mind.

What’s It Worth To you?

It doesn’t make sense that a well experienced, highly recommended wedding DJ with high quality equipment worth tens of thousands of pounds would charge anything like you might expect to see at a 16th birthday party.
Finding the right DJ is about finding value in the services you require, rather than find the cheapest you can. Services which you do not value, you can afford to cut corners on. Services you need, you should consider wisely before committing to them.

What Will Guests Remember?

As a professional wedding DJ, I make it my responsibility to ensure that my clients and their guests have a wedding that people will remember forever – let’s face it, in twenty years time, who’s going to remember what the wedding dress or flowers looked like or what was said in the speeches? People will remember dancing the night away to great music and they will remember uncle Bobby breakdancing to Run DMC.

What I have to offer is unique – A service that comes with a 100% track record from all previous clients.
What would a perfect wedding reception be worth to me? More than everything else combined.

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