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Wedding Speech Microphones

Delivering a wedding speech to guests is a nerve racking experience for most of my clients. It’s not the thought of speaking in front of people that’s a problem, it’s the fear of forgetting the words you wish to convey.

Regardless of how you’re feeling about delivering a wedding speech, it’s something which needs to be done with clarity.

If your wedding falls into any of the following categories, we strongly recommend the use of our wireless microphone service:

  • You are expecting 50 guests or more.
  • There will be young children in attendance.
  • Your top table will be positioned along the length of the room, not at one end.
  • You are having a marquee for your wedding.

I have always suggested wireless microphones to guests who fall into the above categories. On occasions, clients decide not to go with my wireless microphones for speeches. Have you ever been to one of those weddings where you hear some people laughing and everyone else is asking “what did he say?”. It’s important to me that my clients have the best possible wedding, this means that having microphones is often necessary.

Wedding DJ Wales

A discrete system will be used to match your wedding decorations. Whether that includes a DJ booth as shown above or even something smaller if background wedding breakfast music is not required, your requirements will be met.