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Wedding Backdrop Hire

Also known as star curtain hire, starcloth hire and LED curtain hire, the Wedding DJ Cardiff starlit wedding backdrop is an ultra high quality addition to our South Wales wedding services. We love providing our backdrops because we know how much of a difference they make to your wedding venue.

Why have a plain wall when you can have thousands of twinkling stars and elegant draping?

Wedding DJ Wales

What is our starlit backdrop?

Our wedding backdrop is a professionally made bright white material which spans up to 9 metres in width. It’s 3 metres tall at full extension but is height and width adjustable to suit your venue or preference.

South Wales Starlight Backdrop Hire

Our wedding backdrop is the best that money can buy, using expensive fibre optics built here in the UK, not China. There are stages of quality relating to starlit backdrop hire in Wales:
Organza fronted drapes with Christmas lights hung behind them.
LED starcurtains with flashing LEDs
Fibre Optic Starcloth hire – US!

Wedding DJ Wales

The twinkling stars can be seen clearly in daylight but it’s when the lights go down that the backdrop really comes to life! The speed and pattern of twinkles can be easily adjusted. If you want something special, you can even have the tiny stars any colour you wish!

How important is an amazing wedding to you?

Wedding DJ Wales

The outcome of your wedding is extremely important to me, I’ll ensure you have a fantastic time at your wedding in South Wales. My starlit backdrops are simply the best in the country.

Wedding Drape Hire Wales

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