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Starlit LED Dance Floor Hire Cardiff

Our Starlit LED Dance Floor hire matches our Starlit Backdrop hire and Starlit DJ Booth perfectly. When ordering various parts from different suppliers, you can never guarantee that the white will be the same white – some companies use Ivory.

LED Dance Floor Hire Wales

By using our LED dance floor hire and associated services, you are ensuring your wedding looks perfectly co-ordinated.

LED Dance Floor Hire South Wales 

White Starlit LED Dance Floor Hire from £450.


Starlit LED Dance Floor Hire Cardiff

What is the Starlit LED Dance Floor?

Also known as a LED dance floor hire, twinkling dance floor hire and starlight dance floor hire.

Imagine a normal wooden dance floor, now imagine that it’s glistening white in colour, now add in thousands of twinkling bright white LEDs. That’s what our starlit LED dance floor hire is. It’s STUNNING!

LED Dance Floor Hire Cardiff

What will LED dance floor hire add to your wedding?

The dance floor hire is personal, beautiful and elegant. When you dance your first dance, the bright white LEDs will shine through the wedding dress.

Pictures paint a thousand words, so here’s some photographs of Wedding DJ Cardiff’s starlit dance floor.

LED Dance Floor Hire Cardiff South Wales


Wedding DJ Wales

Wedding DJ Wales

LED Dance Floor Hire Cardiff

Further information.

You’ll need to know what size dance floor you require. There are many dance floor guides available online and most of them say that at a party you should expect no more than 30% of your guests to be dancing at any one time. So here is my guide based on the number of guests you expect to attend your wedding:

  • up to 50 guests, 12ft x 12ft LED Dance Floor
  • up to 100 guests, 12ft x 16ft LED Dance Floor
  • up to 150 guests, 16ft x 16ft LED Dance Floor
  • up to 250 guests, 20ft x 20ft LED Dance Floor
  • up to 350 guests, 24ft x 24ft LED Dance Floor
The only other thing to consider is your venue. Not all venues have the room for our larger dance floors, so let us know where you’re getting married and we can advise you on the size LED dance floor hire you will need.
LED dance floor hire Cardiff

Our portable LED dance floor is set up within an hour, the larger dance floors include extra staff required to reach this time constraint. Most wedding venues in South Wales permit a one hour room turn around period for weddings holding the breakfast and reception in the same room.

Dining On Stars

If setting up in the evening room turn around is not an option, we can install your LED dance floor early for a dining on the stars experience:

Dining on stars

Wedding Vale Hotel Wales

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